World’s Famous Cats: When Kitties Take Center Stage

Why, of all members of the animal kingdom, did you decide on adopting a cat? There are still some people who wouldn’t understand what makes such four-legged fluff balls with whiskers an ideal companion similar to a man’s best friend. More often than not, we know kitties are adorable creatures. They’re the perfect pets to play with and are masters of cuddling. You can get that extra affection from your loyal furry feline when you need it the most.

The cuteness of a cat doesn’t stop inside a typical pet-friendly home like ours. More and more Hollywood A-Listers show their fondness towards these little friends, which have already become a reflection of their personality as well as popularity. You may have likewise heard of famous cats being today’s social media darlings. By any chance, do you still remember one or two unknown cats-turned movie and TV stars who made you laugh or cry as you munch on your popcorn?

Allow us to introduce to you (or perhaps, refresh your memory on) these famous cats that love the spotlight and their growing number of fans.

Celebrity-Owned Cats

Sheila (owned by Lea Michele)

In 2012, the Glee star first got hold of Sheila at the Paramount Studios lot upon rescuing her. Since then, Lea never stopped loving and caring for Sheila that she gifted her tiny BFF with a Catstacam!

Kitty Purry (owned by...who else? Katy Perry!)

Kitty is like Katy’s animal twin that waits for her backstage, show after show. Sweetness! (Video by imsweetqueen)

Zelda and Sammy (owned by James Franco)

Both famous cats are lucky to live with James who, along with his brother Dave, were raised to love cats. (Photos from lindaslinuslins on Pinterest and

Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson (owned by Taylor Swift)

The country-turned-pop singer may have not made amends with Kitty Purry’s human for the longest time, but the two superstars share the same passions: music, John Mayer (haha!) and cats. Thanks to Tay Tay, Meredith and Olivia get as much social media attention as their human (Olivia is even in the Blank Space music video!).


Cairo (owned by Macklemore)

Cairo has this meaningful contribution in his human’s life, and that’s keeping Macklemore and his lady love stay stronger together!

Graham (owned by Ed Sheeran)

Ed also loves music and cats like his BFF Taylor Swift, and the moment Graham was adopted (then a month old and homeless), the more admiration Ed received from fans around the world. Graham owns a Twitter account too, managed by Ed himself!

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Daddy's home

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Social Media Kitties


This Japan-based male Scottish Fold is best known for his fondness over very small boxes and fitting himself into each of them. His videos’ view and share count has reached millions as of this year.


Like Venus, Lil BUB has traits that normal cats don’t possess at all: she stays tiny and cute as a kitten (literally) due to abnormalities in her genes and inborn defects, no teeth to keep her tongue from sticking out, and each of her toes has a “twin” (therefore 22 toes in total, which makes her a polydactyl). She possesses what humans would often wish for – to look forever young.

Did you know she’s also a recording artist? even featured her and her debut album last year!

Cole and Marmalade

Also recognized as adoption and spay/neuter advocates, Cole and Marmalade became celebrities after they were rescued.

Grumpy Cat

From meme fixture to full-blown Internet stardom, Grumpy is unstoppable! She is a certified celebrity thanks to her grumpy, no-Photoshop-needed facial expression.


Nala is just too cute to be ignored. She convinced her adoptive parents to take her with them by licking the face of her human mommy, and since then she has been winning the hearts of many on Instagram (three million followers and counting!).


His foster parents made the right decision of adopting him for good. Months had passed but there were no interested humans willing to take him home, so it was meant to be. Sam is now the celebrity cat with a distinct pair of “eyebrows” (in reality, they’re just weird marks above the eyes) that may remind you of Jim’s dad in the American Pie movie franchise.

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Excuuuuuse me, have you heard that it's Friday?! #tgif #friyay

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An 80’s or 90’s kid may remember from this cat’s name another famous (but fictitious) cat, Garfield. Real-life Garfi and cartoon sensation Garfield aren’t fond of making cute or funny faces yet still, fans couldn’t get enough of them.

Onscreen Kitties

Mrs. Norris

Nope, he’s not Chuck’s better half…but a familiar character to Harry Potter fans as Argus Filch’s equally-quirky pet. (Photo from


Cat and mouse as BFFs? Snowbell and Stuart Little made it happen. (Photo from


Another Harry Potter cameo kitty! (Photo from Harry Potter Wiki)

 Mr. Bigglesworth

His hairless, Mini Me (cat version) moment is the scene not to miss in Austin Powers. (Video by Meowthecatvid)

Mr. Jinx

Robert de Niro’s character in Little Fockers is so attached to Jinxy, that he even taught this feisty feline to eliminate an enemy by flushing the toilet! (Video by Clevver Movies)

Let us know: Which famous cat is your favourite?


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