Everything About Cats and Cucumbers

Have you done the cat cucumber test on your cat? Perhaps one of the reasons why you think putting a cat and cucumbers together is a bizarre idea is this video compilation:

The two causes known by animal behavior experts are based on two theories regarding fear that cats can possibly have towards cucumbers.

Fear of the predator

According to Jerry Coine, a biologist, the harmless vegetable may appear to a cat as a snake (a natural predator).  Thinking that it would eat him/her alive, a cat generates an immediate flight response from the “fight or flight” option.

Even random objects like bananas and stray socks can scare cats, if they do possess the kind of fear in the next theory…

Fear of the Unknown

A pro in observing animal behavior, Dr. Roger Mugford, explained that cats and other animals react surprisingly to anything new and unexpected that appears all of a sudden after they put their attention on something else, such as food. However, some cats that are more relaxed won’t mind as seen on video below:

Born curious and with the need to be in control of everything around them, cats are easily caught off-guard and become somewhat threatened when an unfamiliar object appears out of nowhere. Despite the cat and cucumbers videos going viral and providing entertainment, it is still best for us responsible cat lovers to avoid following this trend. Such trick is a form of exploitation and can actually cause so much stress and trauma on our pets, therefore we should not make them unsafe inside our homes and add up to their confusion (when it comes to understanding our own behavior towards them).

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