WhiskerBox: The Only Cat Box for the Crazy Cat Lady and Gent

Every WhiskerBox item is pawpicked from around the world and tested by fellow felines. Only the best are selected into our cat box each month, including stylish apparel, stimulating toys, scrumptious treats, and specialty items.

July 2017 WhiskerBox Meow Cat Box
April 2018 WhiskerBox Meow Cat Box6_fotor
June 2017 WhiskerBox Meow Cat Box

The WhiskerBox Difference

Stimulating Toys

Our toys are not just attractive and fun to play with, but can challenge how we act, think and feel. Play time will never be the same.

Haute Cat Couture

It's a fine line to balance between cute and cat, and our customized looks will effortlessly bring you from hunt to snooze.

Nutritious Goodies

Our healthy treats aim to be locally-sourced, all-natural, organic, and/or grain-free. Keeping healthy has never been tastier.


From premium organic catnip, to waterless spa products, we continue to search for that special item that makes up WhiskerBox.

January 2018 WhiskerBox Meow Cat Box
February 2017 WhiskerBox Meow Cat Box
March 2018 WhiskerBox Meow Cat Box6_fotor

WhiskerBox Selection Process

Smokey and his team of Feline Lifestyle Experts Curate a purrfect cat box for the crazy cat lady and gent every month.


Exclusive. Unconventional. Feline-worthy.


Handcrafted. Premium materials. Feline-friendly.


Challenging toys. Trendy outfits. Delectable treats.

Cat Nap

One long one, or several short ones throughout.


Rank products. Pawpick the best for WhiskerBox.

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