Best Cat Games and Apps for Cats and Cat Lovers

Technology can be effective when it comes to creating a stronger bond between humans and their pets, especially cats. With the many cat games and apps available come endless possibilities in making cats smarter, healthier and more loyal to their humans. Cat lovers can likewise enjoy online activities emphasizing how much they love their pets and how they aim to be better in caring for them.

We found three kinds of mobile cat apps for both cats and cat lovers who have access to either Apple or Android devices (or both): cat-inspired games and activities, cat care tools, and apps just for cats. Listed below, these apps are the most popular ones to date.

Feel free to browse what we have included and if you have suggestions for cat apps that we’ve missed, comment or message us in our social media accounts.

Cat- Inspired

Neko Atsume

This free AppStore and Android game gives you a taste of real life bonding with cats by attracting cats to come nearer and stay when you leave food and toys in the yard.

Nyan Cat

A superhero cat game with five game modes for this free AppStore and Android game.

Petsie Cat Breeds

A free Android app that provides social networking features for and about cats complete with pet profiles, photos, games and cat breed trivia

Nom Cat

One of the most featured Apple games related to cats, Nom Cat is a free app about basic cat feeding with fish. If you still remember the 80’s cartoon cat Garfield, he makes a special appearance in version 2.2.6.

Bread Kittens

To be free from the game’s villain ChowCorp, kittens in Catlandia have to be rescued by baking bread for them as bread gives them power. This is a cool free app downloadable via AppStore and Android.

Cat Simulator

Be the cat – play, eat, scratch and sleep like a cat. Deal with virtual humans, play dress up, and get inside big houses with this free AppStore game.

Kitty in the Box

You can choose which cat to use for this free AppStore game and play dress up before sliding the little furry fellow into a box.

Kitty Cat Clicker

A free AppStore game in which cats can eat yummy human food like cookie chips and pizza, but humans don’t get another life (make the wrong move and it’s game over, try again).


Choose your cat and catch donuts. A free game via AppStore that appeals to both cat and donut lovers.

NyaNyaNyaNyaNya-Nya!! Edition

We believe the cat here got lost in a place that looks a bit like Super Mario World. Check it out! Download this free game via AppStore.

Cat Life

Free AppStore and Android game that allows you to solve challenging puzzles and do a Candy Crush type of activity either by yourself or with your cat.


If stacking game’s your thing, stacking 8-bit cats would be awesome. Build a tower of cats for a free download via AppStore.

Meow Miner

Imagine cats having their own NASA. Explore galaxies, planets, treasures, ores, and relics with this free AppStore game.

Keyboard Cat

Musically-inclined cat lovers would find this app fun as they get to learn playing a piano from a cute musician cat. It is available via AppStore for only $0.99.

My Talking Tom

This is best for those who are still planning to adopt a cat or still a newbie in raising a cat. Learn how to play, feed and nurture a cat with this free AppStore app.

The Wonder Cat

Stuck in unfamiliar territories, Wonder Cat needs your help to get back home. Create new adventures and a brilliant escape plan when you download this free via AppStore.

Cat’s Room

A free Apple game app that brings you to an escape room…with a cat. Can you escape all rooms? Download to find out.

Power Nap App

Let soothing sounds and a kitty wake you up, humans. This is free via the AppStore.

ZodiaCatLite everyday horoscopes for cats via iPhone and iPad? Yes, not only humans get to check on their fate nowadays.

Word Kitten

This free app via Appstore is best for kiddie learning — not limited to school skills (vocabulary, hearing and memory), but also for youngsters to familiarize themselves on raising cats properly.

Calculator Kitty

A free Android app that is a simple calculator, wherein you see a cute cat that inspires you to compute your cat-related expenses as well your own personal cashouts.

Cat Care

Cat Clicker Training

This AppStore app was designed for positive reinforcement during cat training. One clicking sound by the human is for one positive action done by the cat, and it would serve as a signal that a treat is to be given as a reward.


With your Apple devices, download this app for $4.99 and use it as a CCTV/hidden camera device to check on your cats while you’re away.


If you’re having a hard time remembering all your cat’s appointments with the vet and medicines to take, this is the best free app to use for storing those information. Whatever you save may also help you track your cat when you suddenly lose him/her.

Pet First Aid

It’s great that this app is free for Apple gadget users because American Red Cross runs it and you get expert vet advice and tips on what to do and where to go in case of emergency, to save your cat.

Paint for Cats

Let your cat use this app by creating a masterpiece as a result of chasing a virtual mouse with its paws. This is available for download for only $1.99 via the AppStore.

Cat Game

This is all about laser pointer chasing minus the knocked-over lamps. Safer and more stimulating to use by cats for free via the AppStore.

Did we miss out anything in our cat apps list, or do you have a favorite from the apps mentioned here? 

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