Cruelty-Free Goodness: The Best Cat Food and Cat Stuff

We can’t imagine using animal-tested products on our cats, and we’d like to think you’re with us on this. After reading a shocking list of animal food brands that are not cruelty-free at all, we decided to search for much better alternatives (best cat food and non-consumables) and share them with our cat-loving readers.

Take a look at our cruelty-free list of PeTA-recognized companies and brands that are highly recommended for our furry little fellows:


Almo Nature

Its Alternative, Alternative Dry, Green Label, Legend, Classic, Rogue Label cat food products contain ingredients that are 100% HFC and are inserted raw (fish and meat) into pouches. Moreover, the Alternative Dry is GMO-free. Green Label uses Raw Pack a.k.a. the in-pouch cooking concept and comes with a Mini-Food Pack version . Legend is a mix of meat and fish with rice, cheese, fruit, and veggies packed with its own cooking broth. Classic and Rogue Label are somewhat similar to Legend.

Almo Nature’s other product lines may not be 100% HFC, but they are also all-natural (no chemicals, preservatives and artificial coloring): Orange Label, Daily Menu, Holistic, Sterilized Wet, Sterilized Dry, Anti-Hairball Wet, Anti-Hairball Dry, Sensitive, Urinary Support, and Azul SNACK.

Halo, Purely for Pets

Halo products are classified into Dry Food, Wet Food, Treats, Freeze-Dried kiblets and Supplements. They also sell non-food products (herbal grooming products in particular).

Solid Gold

This brand of cat food is not only limited to chicken and fish. There’s also lamb, quail, rabbit, turkey, shrimp, beef, crab and more.

Stella & Chewy’s

You will love how its Freeze-Dried and Frozen products were named sounding like nursery rhymes and kiddie games such as Duck Duck Goose, Tummy Ticklin’ Turkey, and Chick, Chick, Chicken for example. Each product is rich in probiotics and taurine, all-natural, gluten-free, and made from organic meat protein out of 98% meat, organ and bone mix.


Cat products being sold by the brand, as per its official website, is called Cat Cuisine. On the other hand, Cat Cuisine has Weruva TruLuxe (the newest multi-formula brand, in cans), Weruva (original chicken and fish formulas, in cans), B.F.F. (mostly red meat tuna, in cans and pouches), Cats on the Kitchen (it’s like a combination of Weruva and BFF, in cans and pouches), and Pumpkin Patch Up! (pumpkin supplement, in pouches). Also being sold is natural Cat Litter, which is made from Green Tea and Hinoki Wood, eco-friendly, clumpable, flushable and super low dust.

Holistic Blend

The brand has Freeze Dried Cod Fillet as cat treats and All Life Stages Chicken and Salmon Formula as cat food.

Newman’s Own Organics

Newman’s has 11 kinds of canned cat food (classified as regular and organic) and two kinds of dry cat food (Adult Cat and Advanced Cat).

Fromm Family Foods

The official website is more helpful to cat owners as you will be able to know specific cat food that’s best for your pet by providing his or her exact age in years and months and search results will be filtered. The brand uses duck, chicken, and salmon in its grain-free mixes.

Pet Guard

Canned cat food also features unique mixes like Venison & Rice, Beef & Barley, and Turkey & Barley. Dry food does not contain wheat, yeast, corn, soy and by-products. For pet treats, Pet Guard offers organically grown catnip that’s chemical-free and three types of supplements: Yeast and Garlic, High Potency Digestive Enzymes, and Anitra’s Vita-Mineral Mix®.

Just like Halo, it’s got cat grooming products too.

Feline’s Pride

Cat food varieties are made of chicken, duck, rabbit, turkey and cornish hen. It also sells supplements, Kitty Crunch and other cat treats, gift cards and cat food tools (e.g. meat grinder)

Dr. Harvey’s

There’s grain-free premix, freeze-dried complete die and treats, and fish oil capsules available.

Oma’s Pride

Its online store boasts a wide range of products: food, supplements, catnip, toys, grooming, gift packs and greeting cards.

Primal Pet Foods

Healthy raw cat food and treats include Primal Nuggets (comes in seven formulas), Primal Pronto (four formulas), Freeze Dried Primal Nuggets (five formulas), mixes and grinds (six options each), raw chicken necks, three Freeze-Dried Liver Munchies, four Jerky Nibs and raw goat milk.

Dynamite Marketing

It offers a Feline Foundation Program with basic essentials such as Catazymes, Premium Feline Cat and Purrformance, as well as a non-food product (Deodorizer).

Timberwolf Organics

Go check out its Serengeti feline formula in packs of different sizes.


Artemis Pet Food

The brand carries a canned cat food line (chicken, turkey, salmon) and an all-natural regular cat food line (All Life Stage Feline).

Pet Chef Express

Product to buy and try: Premium Natural Chicken, Rice & Salmon Blend Cat Food.

Bravo Raw Diet

Products are Frozen Raw Diets (Bravo Boneless, Bravo Basics, Bravo Blends), Feline Cafe Canned Diets (95% Meat or Poultry, and Natural Fricassees), treats made from 100% seafood and poultry (Healthy Bites and Healthy Medleys), and salmon oil supplement.

Raw Advantage

Online store sells food that can be consumed by both cats and dogs, cat food and cat sampler (regular and organic).

Azmira Holistic Animal Care

Choices for cats come in canned (Beef & Chicken, Lamb & Barley, Ocean Fish) and dry (Classic Cat formula), and more than ten kinds of supplements.


Dr. Goodpet

Supplements and grooming products are being classified into categories based on target areas and effects such as Digestive Support, Calm Stress, Eyes & Ears, Joints/Pain, Skin & Fur, Teeth & Gums.

Halo, Purely for Pets

Aside from cat food, Halo has herbal grooming products such as dip, ear wash, eye wash, healing salve and herbal shampoo.

Examples of best sellers for this brand are Paw-Gel for Cats, Ear Cleanse and Salmon Oil. Item categories as stated in the website are Bone and Joint, Skin and Coat, Vitamin and Mineral, Condition Specific, Behavioral, Topical, Eye and Ear, and Environmental.

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