About our Petbox:
Smokey + Cat Lady + Cat Gent

WhiskerBox Cat Subscription Box


Chief Engagement Officer

Smokey began his life as a wandering stray. Within a year of hardwork and perseverance, Smokey became a feline petbox expert.


Feline Lifestyle Experts

We aim to enrich every feline's quality of life by meticulously pawpicking one-of-a-kind luxuries according to the distinctive feline lifestyle.


Human, Director of Feline Affairs

Eileen oversees Smokey's self-actualization needs including fulfillment of talents and potentialities. She also manages the development of new WhiskerBox models to maximize feline gratification.


Human, Director of Feline Existence

William oversees Smokey's fundamental needs, including nutrition, exercise, and relaxation. He also manages the feline financials of WhiskerBox to ensure the livelihood of Smokey and team.

CatsTomerS Support Cats

WhiskerBox is pawcrafted on a strong principle: allow cats to give back to their cat community.

Many of us, CEO included, were once cared for within shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries. With every WhiskerBox petbox purchased, proceeds go directly into supporting one of these organizations.

Together, we can save them all.

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